How does the ordering process work?

Ordering a branding Iron is fairly easy.

To make it easy for our customer’s, prices depend on the size. Simply enter your desired width and height. We will automatically calculate the price for you.

Upload your file, which can be any of the following: PDF, JPEG, PNG, EPS, or Ai.

That’s it!


What Material is the Branding Iron head made out of?

We exclusively use Brass on ALL our hot branding irons, since brass has the best heat transferring abilities. Brass is also known to keep heat for a long time, meaning you are able to brand more product.

How long will it take you to make my branding iron?

Depending on the season and amount of work we have lined up, we usually try to send out each branding iron within 8-15 business days after the order has been placed.

What do you use to heat up a Branding Iron?

Most customer’s heat their branding iron with a plumbers torch. You can also purchase an electric hotplate, if you do not have the electric branding iron.

For electric branding irons, simply plug in, and wait about 10-20 min until it is hot enough to make a burn.

Is there an extra Charge for complex Logo's?

Most companies will charge you depending on how complex your logo is. We don’t. The price you see is the price you pay.

What format do you need my file in?

For most logo’s we can either use a High quality PDF or JPEG image.

If you do have a complex logo, we would need the image in Ai format. Otherwise, to turn the image into an Ai we would charge a small Fee.

I am not quite sure if my Image will work or if i have the correct file.

If you are worried that your image might not work or is to detailed, contact us before placing an order. You can contact us by clicking here or directly call us at 1-204-800-9917 for immediate assistance.

How do I know if my order is complete?

Once we have completed your order you will receive a Completed Order notification email which will also include a tracking link which will allow you to track your shipment.

Tracked shipping is standard for the U.S & Canada.

All International shipments do not have a tracking number, but can be added for an additional cost.

Do you offer discounts for multiple brands?

We sure do offer discounts if multiple brands are being made for the same customer at the same time. Simply fill out our Custom Request form to get more info!

Do you include Instructions?

All order’s will include a manual with some useful info on how to use and take care of your branding iron.

What type of Images do we not make?

Budget Brandings does not produce nor sell Branding Irons or any other type of products containing any of the following:


-Abusive images 

-Devil or demonic illustrations